On 24th December 2020, all the students of SY B.Ed. along with the teachers of AITT celebrated Christmas in the evening on Google Meet platform at 4:15 pm. The program was hosted by Shubham K. Pandey. It started with the welcome speech and then melodious Carols were sung by Laxmi Iyer and Rohini Tyadi. After that, Geetika Sharma told an enlightening story of Jesus Christ. Following Geetika’s story about Jesus Christ, another story was told by Prabhdeep Arora and Laxmi Iyer. Preeti Krishnan prepared a small game for all the participants which was conducted by Rohini Tyadi. To conclude the program, a small Carol was sung by Laxmi Iyer and then program ended with Vote of Thanks by Shubham K Pandey.

This event was carried out under the guidance of our respected principal Dr. Bhushan Patil, it was co-ordinated by Dr. Manisha Telang. Asst. Prof. Kavita Padmawar and Asst. Prof. Sujata Vaidya provided support and made sure that the event was carried out smoothly. All the students from SY B.Ed. participated in this celebration enthusiastically.

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